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Let's be honest, working out kinda sucks. That's why we only offer 30-minute virtual training sessions. You don't need to commute to a gym, and you certainly don't need to spend an hour of your day working out. With Vici you'll working with our friendly trainers (not drill sergeants) who tailor workouts to your ability level. You won't get lost in the chaos of a group class or confused about form. Sessions are all 1-on-1 and filled with helpful tips from the trainers. Fill out a form below to get started.


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Why Vici?

Vici Virtual is an entirely virtual training company. We only offer 1-on-1 personal training through video apps like FaceTime, Zoom or Whatsapp. You don't need any equipment, although a set of dumbbells and resistance bands are helpful.

Your Vici trainer can work with any equipment you have. They tailor the workouts to your ability level, which lets you progress at your own pace. They demonstrate and explain proper exercise technique, rather than letting your figure it out on your own.

The best part is that you only need to dedicate 30 minutes of your time for a Vici workout. You can train as many times per week as you like (the more the merrier). Book a 15-minute meet and greet to learn more!

Fitness Class
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