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Best At-Home Leg Workout

Before we show you the best leg workout, we have to explain something: the difference between single-leg and two-leg movements.

-Squats (standing on two feet) are a two-legged movement. Lunges (stepping back and then forward with one leg) are a single-leg movement.

-Deadlifts (standing on two feet) are a two-legged movement. Single-leg deadlifts (standing on one leg only) are a single-leg movement.

With a two-legged movement you can lift more weight (two legs are stronger than one). However, that may not be a good thing. If you have lower back pain, you probably don't want to be lifting very heavy weight.

The other problem with two-legged movements are that each leg lifts less. Let's say you don't have any weights. A squat uses both legs to lift your bodyweight.

However, a single-leg squat (sit down and stand up on one leg) requires one leg to lift your entire bodyweight.

Let's say you weight 150 pounds. In a two-legged squat each leg lifts 75 pounds. In a single-leg squat each leg lifts 150 pounds. That's a huge difference, and you don't even have to add weight!

That's why the best leg routine should use mostly single-leg movements. Check out the video below for the full routine (sets and reps are below the video):

For each exercise, perform 8 reps on each leg. Go through each exercise three times.

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